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NG Road Racing 2016 Season

NGRR Awards Presentation Evening 19th November 2016 View Galleries

NGRR 2016 Season Award Winners Track Action in running order View Galleries

All enquiries please email with Date and Class

NGRR Thruxton Circuit Saturday 8th October 2016

NGRR Pembrey Circuit Sunday 18th September 2016

NGRR Pembrey Circuit Saturday 17th September 2016

NGRR Anglesey Circuit Sunday 14th August 2016

NGRR Anglesey Circuit Saturday 13th August 2016

NGRR Castle Combe Circuit Sunday 3rd July 2016

NGRR Castle Combe Circuit Saturday 2nd July 2016

NGRR Oulton Park Circuit Saturday 11th June 2016

NGRR Donington Park Circuit Sunday 8th May

NGRR Donington Park Circuit Saturday 7th May

NGRR Cadwell Park Circuit Sunday 17th April

NGRR Cadwell Park Circuit Saturday 16th April

NGRR Brands Hatch Circuit Sunday 20th March

NGRR Brands Hatch Circuit Saturday 19th March

NGRR Pembrey Test 5th March 2016


NG Road Racing 2015 Season

All enquiries please email with Date and Class

NGRR Awards Presentation Evening 7th November 2015

NGRR Sunday 27th September Pembrey Circuit

NGRR Saturday 26th September Pembrey Circuit

NGRR Sunday 16th August Anglesey Circuit

NGRR Saturday 15th August Anglesey Circuit

NGRR Sunday 26th July Thruxton Circuit

NGRR Saturday 25th July Thruxton Circuit

NGRR Sunday 28th June Castle Combe Circuit

NGRR Saturday 27th June Castle Combe Circuit

NGRR Saturday 8th May Oulton Park

NGRR Sunday 12th April Cadwell Park

NGRR Saturday 11th April Cadwell Park

NGRR Sunday 15th March Brands Hatch

NGRR Saturday 14th March Brands Hatch


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Full Season Special: All rounds on a USB Flash Drive £150 please contact nigel at with your details.

Photographic Contributors: Nigel Eddleston-Dike--Gordon Brady--Steve Carpenter.